At 5Exceptions, we help you in selecting and implementing the CRM system which perfectly suits your business requirements and address your business goals. We 5Exceptions are providing CRM Customization, CRM Migration, CRM Implementation to custom CRM Development Services, we create a highly efficient CRM system that automate, organize and synchronize all your business operations such as marketing, sales, customer support, service and more.

Custom CRM Development

We develop fully-featured custom CRM software with extended functionalities that matches your business requirements and optimizes your customer lifecycle journey.

CRM Implementation

We facilitate smooth implementation of CRM software that reduces customer retention costs, addresses your business goals and enhances client relationships.

CRM Consulting

With our CRM consulting services, we provide the best alternatives to help businesses tackle poor lead conversions, scattered customer data and low sales rates.

CRM Migration

We assist businesses with secure and flawless migration of CRM processes and data onto the new platform or system without losing any crucial information.

CRM Customization

We offer CRM customization services that help extend the functionalities of your CRM platform to the next level and automate the process flow of your business.


  • Better client relationships
  • Improved ability to cross-sell
  • Improved efficiency
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Increased collaboration
  • Greater ROI
  • Improved Management
  • Extended Productivity
  • Automated Sales Process
  • Evaluation and Reporting