This VOIP based PIN-less application lets users make international calls across the world using any mobile device. It uses the latest telecom technology to provide the most inexpensive and convenient way of making international calls. This application utilizes direct routes to many Asian and African countries and premium links to other countries. You just need to download the app, after which it automatically starts working with your existing phone service and then you are all set to experience the clear and time-tested international routes.

Project Scope

With the increasing demand for international callers across the world, our client was looking for a solution that provides an easy and effective way of making international calls by using the latest telecom technology. The project involved building an application for both iOS and Android platforms.


Our team understood the project requirement and done a detailed analysis, as it was important for the success of the application. To help the client get a smart and advanced application that provides an easy and convenient way of making international calls, we had on-boarded a team of highly experienced iOS and Android developers that leveraged the advantage of advanced technologies to build the application with the required outcome.

The developed mobile application delivered following benefits.

PIN-less Dialing: Users don’t need to dial PIN again and again to make calls from the same phones. They just need to register once on mobile phones and then they can make calls at low cost using the same phones without dialing a PIN.

Compatible with any Phone: Users just need to have the access number, and then can use the services with a mobile phone or landline, without changing carriers.

Single Minute Billing: Users just need to pay for the time they talked. So, talk for one minute and get billed for one minute, unlike calling cards that round up to the nearest 3-minute increment.

No Contracts: The app allows users to recharge only when they want to use the services so no contract or no monthly fees.

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