Software Testing for Better Business Outcomes

Quality is one of the most important parts of software development cycle. With increasing applications and software in the market, end users only look for the best one that provides value to them and this requires developing a fully-functional and bugs-free product which can only be accomplished through proper quality assurance.

At 5Exceptions, we apply both manual and automated testing to all the software to assure that the quality of code is of the highest quality for web and mobile app, as well as server-side software.

Web and Mobile App Testing

Web apps or native iOS and Android, hybrid or cross-platform mobile apps, we thoroughly test them all by using our manual or automation testing services. We’ve expertise in manual and automation testing and choose the type of testing based on project specifications and requirements.

We use the latest testing frameworks and tools that support test environments, popular browsers and programming languages to identify the possible compatibility, connectivity, usability and other issues.

Tools and Technologies:

Cucumber | Protractor | Selenium Web Driver | Appium | Appium | Crashlytics | Fabrics

API Testing

API testing means checking whether the APIs are meeting expectations for performance, functionality, security and reliability. Our experts do API testing to validate behavior of software which is under test.

Tools and Technologies:

Postman | TestRail

Backend Testing

Backend testing plays a crucial role in overall user experience as it deals in the world of exponents. The data which we enter in the frontend of the software is stored in the backend of the software which is then used to support the content of the page so any loophole in backend will cause exponential slowdown in performance. Our experts perform backend testing to make sure that the database and server side processes run correctly, and can retrieve and store the data correctly.

Tools and Technologies


UI Automation Testing

UI Automation testing is a type of automated process performed to ensure proper functionality of all the user interface elements of a specific application or software. Our experts create a script for each test case to perform automation and evaluate all design elements of software such as colors, layout, buttons, icons, font sizes, content and links to make sure they meet the approved design.

Tools and Technologies:

Appium | Selenium | JMeter

Real Device Testing

We run and test your application on a variety of real devices that we choose based on operating system, manufacturer and popularity in your target market.

Types of software testing we do

Smoke Testing

Functional Testing

Compatibility Testing

Regression Testing

Security Testing

Performance and Load Testing

Usability Testing

Software testing process we follow


Requirement Validation


Test Planning


Environment Setup


Test Design


Test Execution


Test Closure and Reporting