This application is developed for one of the leading brands of Australia that have been engineering, manufacturing and supplying premium quality steel sheds, garages, carports, farm sheds, light industrial and commercial buildings.

This App uses state-of-the-art technology that allows prospective buyers to design and customize their shed or garage in 3D on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

From adding extensions on left or right to specifying color, dimensions or type of sheets for shed or garage, this app provides all the options from basic roofs to doors and windows.

Once buyers get the desired designs for shed or garage, they can send that to the local dealer for quoting. The app also allows buyers to send the designs to the dealer via email.

Project Requirement

The previous “Get a Quote” form on the website includes only a few basic elements of the sheds like length, height and width, and with these few elements customers were not able to get an exact estimation. So, the client wishes to build an application that would provide instant renderings of the garages or sheds when the customers made design selections.


  • Adding limitless design options that work perfectly on web and mobile apps, and allow customers to easily design, customize and then visualize how the final shed or garage configuration would look.
  • Optimize the dimension feature of the system so that it can even recognize decimal points for precise measurements.
  • Optimize the system so that it allows users to set external dimensions.
  • Optimizing the WebGL performance for mobile browsers.


We’ve developed robust hybrid Android, iOS and responsive web applications using Cordova that allows prospective buyers to easily and quickly design and customize their sheds or garages in 3D on mobile phones, tablets or desktops using a variety of available designs, features, and tools. We used JavaScript, WebGL, and Three.JS for 3D data modeling of sheds and garages.

Customers App Features

  • Allow customers to design their sheds or garages on their iOS and Android mobile phones.
  • Allow customers to access a variety of available designs, features, and tools to customize their sheds or garages.
  • Allow customers to visualize their designs in 3D.
  • Allow customers to send final designs to authorized dealers for quoting.

Dealers App Features

  • Dealers can check designs of customers from their respective postal area.
  • Allow dealers to edit or customize designs received from customers and send them back to customers for review.
  • Dealers can also add comments on respective design while sending it back to the customer for review.

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