Let’s make your Business Accessible Worldwide With Mobile Apps!

Mobile App. It's not just a filler on your device. A mobile app is a platform which allows the whole world to connect with businesses. It is a medium which allow corporates to streamline their business. It is a mobile app which converts 9 to 6 brands into 24*7 businesses.

And we’re experts in building such innovative mobile applications. From project ideation and wireframing to mobile application testing and launch and regular maintenance, we do everything for you and handle everything in between and beyond.

Android Application Development

We offer highly efficient and innovative Native Android App development services using the latest Android development tools, native SDKs, code libraries and 3rd party integrations available. From optimized performance to easy integrations, our experts always ensure to deliver responsive and fast native android apps with a robust codes, innovative designs, error-free functionalities and scalability.

Technologies we base our Apps on!

Android NDK | Java | Kotlin | Android Studio

iOS Application Development

Backed by the robust Xcode and Swift platforms, our mobile app development team create apps for the latest version of iOS, iPhone and iPad by adopting advanced app development techniques. Whether you need static or multifaceted iOS Application, our experts have intelligibility to handle it and give the best solution that meets your requirements.

Technologies we base our Apps on!

Swift | Objective-C | Xcode | iOS SDK

Cross-Platform Application Development

Businesses can now accelerate the process of building apps across different platforms using Cross-Platform Application Development. At 5Exceptions, we leverage the advantage of code-reusability to build cross-platform and hybrid applications that effectively work across different devices. The cross-platform applications we build are based on powerful technologies and are backed by a set of highly appealing user interface, delivering the end users an awesome experience that is incomparable with native apps. Benefits of Cross-Platform Application Development:

  • Code Reusability
  • Low Development Cost
  • Efficient
  • Support Cross-Platform
  • Easy to Adopt

Technologies we base our Apps on!

Ionic | React Native | PhoneGap | Cordova | Xamarin | Flutter

Wearable Application Development

With increasing changes in technological era, every new day begins with a new chapter in technology and wearable devices are one of the great examples of it. At 5Exceptions, we’ve impeccable command over wearable app development with a zeal to explore the possible future. Whether its smart watches or Google glasses, our team puts all efforts to build an application that takes the user experience to a completely new standards.

  • Google Glass
  • Fitbit
  • Android Wear
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Apple Watch
  • GPS Watch