We have developed an online food ordering platform that allows users to order favorite food from the largest selection of nearby restaurants and let these restaurants deliver food directly to users’ doorsteps. It also provides users the option to pick up their order directly from a restaurant. The platform also has a filter that helps users to find and order food from restaurants by location. Once users placed an order, the particular restaurant will start preparing food and will notify them of further steps.

Project Scope

Our client was looking for a fast, reliable, and user-friendly online platform where people can easily order food from any location and get it delivered to their doorsteps. The main aim of our client was to redefine the way food has been ordered and make it a much easier and faster experience for people. To fulfill this requirement, the client approached us to develop a responsive and user-friendly web platform.


Keeping the client’s requirement in mind, our team has started developing a responsive web-based platform that could provide a smart, user-friendly, and simple way to browse the food menus of nearby restaurants and order their favorite food directly from the website on time. We’ve utilized the latest industry practices and built a platform with an interactive user interface that allows easy navigation.
This web portal is comprised of 2 platforms:-

  • Public website (Frontend):- From here customers can place their orders.
  • Admin Panel (Backend):- From here the products and shops can be managed by system admins.

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