CV builder is built to improvise the whole recruitment process. The platform uses the latest Blockchain technology which allows job seekers to maximize their potential and career options by creating personalized profiles/CVs, authenticated and verified by accreditors, employers and educators. On the same side, it allows employers to minimize their cost by quickly finding talents with authenticated and verified profiles/CVs. So no more manual employee background checks need to be done, as this can now be underpinned by the latest Blockchain technology.

Our Solution

Considering the client requirements, we went on to shape up this project in the best possible way by creating mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms using a cross-platform technology - Ionic, and a web portal using PHP, Laravel. The web portal is developed for 2 different user profiles, the administrators and the organizations/employers, and has different functionalities for both of them.

The USP of the project is Blockchain technology that is integrated into the platform to enable the verification of CV/resume credentials by accreditors, employers and educators. The blockchain technology ensures that the verification of CV credentials only happens once and the data is permanently stored for any organization/employer or candidate for future references.

The Blockchain technology works as a powerful change agent to revolutionize the whole recruitment process by making it simpler, faster, and at the same time completely secure and trustworthy.


Employer Web Portal

Organization/Employer Web Portal : The web portal allows partner organizations that could be an educational institute, company or employer to verify the assertions requested by graduates or employees, current students or alumni through a trustworthy blockchain verification. At the same side, allow employers to access the verified CVs/resumes of candidates.

  • Create/Update Profile
  • Verify Assertions
  • Access and Request verified CVs

Administrator Web Portal

Administrator Web Portal : We have created a web based interface that lets administrators manage and monitors the activities of organizations and individuals.

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Admin Management
  • Organization/Employer Management
  • User Management
  • Chat and Message Management

Mobile Application

Mobile Application (User Profile) : The mobile app allows candidates/employees to create their personalized profiles showcasing their education, training, work experience, skills, talents, achievements and career goals. The app will then use a Blockchain technology to verify the details of the candidates with the employers and educational institutions. Once all the given information gets authenticated and verified by the specific educational institutions and employers, the candidates/employees are all set to share their profiles or resumes/CVs with potential clients or employers.

  • Register/Login
  • CV Creation
  • Multiple CV Creation
  • View CV Requests
  • Blockchain Verification

Key Benefits

Admin Configuration

The system allows admin to add, delete and manage users.
The admin can assign different role to users.