This portal is a knowledge-discovery system that uses DNA results and information captured from consumer devices to help people become active in managing their health and healthcare costs. The system extracts cause-effects relationships directly from the genetic interpretation and linking them to lifestyle data through consumer devices in real-time to provide actionable recommendations. We developed this portal for a biological big data analytics company that applies, biological information and technological capabilities to develop a precise and personalized health solution.

Project Scope

Developed a complete web and mobile solution that deliver personalized health and well-being programs in real-time with actionable insights for managing health and wellness through fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, and medical decisions. Plans provided by the platform:

  • Age Management
  • Fitness and Weight Management
  • Disease Prevention


  • Complex algorithms to generate personalized plans for customers. It includes large data set of lifestyle survey and genetic result got from DNA labs.
  • Multiple user roles supported by the application with appropriate permissions to avoid disclosure of sensitive information.
  • Integrating external interfaces for health data processing, lab test processing, inventory management, order management and reporting.
  • System should allow adequate storage of complex genetic data.
  • Converting health and lifestyle data into easy to understand predictive science.
  • Privacy compliance to be maintained all through the process.


We developed both responsive website and mobile applications (iOS and Android) as per the client expectations and requirements. The developed website and mobile applications provide a smooth user interface and interact with the user environment to capture contextual and personal information which further transformed by technology into simple and meaningful recommendations that help users to reach their wellness goals. Both website and mobile provide the following Interactive Features:

Customer Login

Customers easily get registered into the system using social login through Facebook and Gmail to avail of the services by selecting an appropriate plan fitting to their health and wellness needs.

Personalized Dashboard

We’ve designed comprehensive dashboards with an access control mechanism that allows super-admin to define different roles and set permissions for what they can view and/or edit in the application.

Personalized Recommendations

A personalized module was created that allows users to constantly monitor their health and fitness status, identify health irregularities and recognize early symptoms of complications, which they can then manage by following their recommended daily/weekly skincare treatment plans, meal plans, functional body system reports, and body measurement reports. Also, all the health recommendations, data, and reports can be viewed in the form of charts and diagrams to facilitate transparent performance evaluation of an individual.

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