We have built this solution for a leading company that helps in improving credit access for small and medium-sized companies. They support small to medium-sized companies with participation in public and private tenders, and in achieving work capital and investments needed for business growth, by granting bond certificates and guarantee policies. They provide guarantee policies which are considered as a substitute product of the bank guarantee slip.

The users just need to follow simple steps to validate the information and then the system, immediately generates policies document or certificates on successful payment. The system also generates complete information and policy documents in PDF format with a QR code to check the validity or for verification purposes.

Main Features

  • Collect data from financial institutions.
  • Collect beneficiary information.
  • Guarantee policies.
  • Allow secure online payment through Chilean Payment Gateway (WebPay Transbank).
  • Generates policy documents and certificates in PDF format.

Features for Admins

  • Provide an overview of overall activities from a dashboard to keep track of data.
  • List all policies.
  • Allows updating and deletion of policies.
  • Allows regeneration of policy documents after making changes. 
  • Filter for the failed policies.
  • Allows to check payment status, with filters, failed, pending or done.

Technologies Involved