The web portal is developed for an Australian wholesale distributor of scuba diving, free-diving, and other water sports products. The site is specifically designed to inspire retailers to become authorized products retailer, signup or login and place the orders.

This portal serves as a platform for retail outlets to access company policies, service guides, price lists of products and several other tools that are important for them. It also allows retailers to access details of consumers who have their products registered.

The website also has an administration panel that allows the company and its staff to manage complete data that is from checking the registration of products to adding service dates to registered products and return authority (RA) system.

Project Scope

This project came to us for rebuilding and redesigning the website from scratch. The client wanted the website to be redesigned and rebuilt in such a manner that it creates an outstanding image among retail outlets and results in increased performance and usability.

The client also wanted us to design and develop a system that keeps track of all the items coming back/returned from retailers for repair or warranty and allows retailers to track products returned for repair or service.

The main project goal was to come up with the best solution that increases the overall system’s workflow and helps retail outlets to make business transactions as smooth and efficient as possible.


  • The performance was a major challenge while working on a complex system that is using multiple websites to manage the data.
  • The system has different types of users, so it was quite a concern to manage them all considering the security matrix and allow them to access information as per their roles and responsibilities.


We redesigned users facing websites in WordPress using an exclusive responsive WordPress theme which was customized as per the company-related data to provide easy to use interface.

Return Authority (RA) System

We had implemented a Return Authority System which allows RA to be created from the website by the retailer or by staff members of the company. The whole system is designed in such a manner that it allows retailers and the company’s staff members to generate, filter and assign RA’s. The retailers can also login to check/track the status of the specific item submitted for repair or service. From generating Return Authority (RA) number, updating RA status, assigning RA’s to the staff member, this system keeps track of every phase of the return process.

Key Functionalities

  • Retailers can create an RA with a maximum of 10 products.
  • Retailers and staff members can communicate with each other regarding a product return via comments.
  • The retailer and staff members both are acknowledged with a visual cue in their login when a comment is posted on an RA.
  • Only staff members have the right to update the RA status.
  • Staff members can see a list of assigned RAs’ to them.

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