This is a highly innovative and advanced platform developed for one of our Australian clients which caters marketplace as a service for contract work. Marketplace services could be launched for the following verticals on this platform.

  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Resources
  • Health Care
  • Engineering
  • Consultancy

This platform deploys highly advanced technologies that enable individuals, firms, and organizations of specific industries across the world to connect, engage, collaborate, and do business both externally and internally in an efficient way using the digital economy. This platform is designed and architected to meet the Gig economy.

Project Scope

Our client wanted to innovate the way, firms and organizations across the world manage their resources. To attain the same, he wanted us to build a platform that brings all individuals, firms, and organizations of different verticals under one platform and allow them to connect, engage and collaborate with each other in an efficient manner. At the initial level, clients wanted the system to provide organizations with access to more than 500 on-demand lawyers via a publicly accessible two-sided digital marketplace.


To begin with the project, we have divided the project into different phases and put together a plan for the development of the platform, which includes language, web server, and database, and third-party API integration. To make the development process efficient, a migration process had been established for data model changes. We have updated the architecture of existing software in such a manner that it could leverage the functions of one domain for the white-labeled solution as well. Also to ensure that data of one marketplace should not be available to the users of other marketplaces, we had done database separation for different marketplaces. The platform supports a payment gateway as well as a manual invoicing process for the consultants and buyers. User’s data security is also one of the main concerns so we had taken care of it by storing data of users in the disk as well as in the database in an encrypted form. Multiple Factor authentication is implemented to make sure only legitimate users could access the services.

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