This portal serves as an online talent marketplace that connects talents with its potential audience. Whether you are an author, musician, photographer, fashion designer or model, this platform allows you to promote and market your talent and sell it to your target audience. For this, you just need to sign-up, create an account, setup your talent profile that showcases your images, videos, and other important uploads, and then you are all set.

If you are a buyer, then let sign-up and start browsing for the most promising talent as per your interest or requirement. Also buying and selling talent on this platform is free.

Project Scope

The client wanted us to build a highly scalable and accommodative marketplace website that allow talents to showcase their passion for potential talent buyers. The client wanted this platform to be reliable enough to host worldwide talents and talent buyers under different categories.


The full-featured web portal has been developed using the PHP Laravel framework, which allows managing all the things on a single platform. We’ve worked on the project using MVC architectural pattern that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view, and the controller and integrates best practices to solve development challenges.

To manage categories, talents/talent buyers, blogs and pages, we’ve created a highly organized administrative panel. While for talent/talent buyers, we’ve come up with an easy to register/sign-up system and an exclusive dashboard to handle their accounts, profiles, purchases, messages, etc. as per their preference.

Our dedicated front-end developers and designers build an interactive platform with a unique and feature-rich design using Angular JS. The frontends of the web portal allow seamless access to the talents and talent buyers to connect.

It offers specific functionalities as per the set objectives like:

  • Help talent buyers to search for talents as per their preference.
  • Allow talent buyers and talents to easily register/sign-up, create accounts and manage them.
  • Allow talents to promote their products.
  • Allow buyers to send messages.
  • Safe and secure payment transactions through PayPal.

As the user experience factor was the first thing to be considered and to achieve this, we’ve facilitated talent search by providing filters based on talent category, ratings and price. These filters help talent buyers to go for a more specific search based on their preferences, no matter how many they are.

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