This web and mobile application helps teams in delivering priority tasks and projects based on capacity and commitments. This smart application helps you and your team take better control of time by prioritizing, organizing and managing tasks using a smart calendar, Kanban and timer, allocating them to your colleagues and collaborating for the most complex tasks.

Project Scope

Initially, this project came to us for review, as a result of which, we’ve found some major issues, which needed to be sorted out as soon as possible to revive the system and get it back into the market. To reach a wide audience, the client was also willing to build mobile applications.


  • Fixing security loopholes.
  • Addressing unstructured code, lack of code documentation and poor user experience.
  • Updating outdated underlying technologies, which needs to be upgraded along with addressing the priority product backlog items.
  • Improving performance for some of the pages (e.g. Kanban view) which was very slow.


  • First, we’ve prioritized different items and fixed security loopholes in the live environment.
  • Started code documentation work along with implementing priority backlog items.
  • Started upgrading underlying technology platforms in a step-by-step manner.
  • Implemented API interface by following industry standards.
  • Developed a robust mobile application.
  • Frontend is redesigned using Angular to improve loading and rendering time.

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